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Preview Upcoming Show “Eden”

Posted on 08/07/2014

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I have to keep this post super short. Here is a rundown of whats been happening around here:

I am now a full-time artist! Well at least for the entire summer… I took a well deserved 2 week break– catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a very long time, catching up with Nature, took long nocturnal walks with DK, enjoyed many bottles of delicious wine and just relaxed. Also, I am super motivated and working on a series of paintings to show August 8 to 21 at the Friday Gallery here in Munich. Above is a slideshow (for some a recap) of a few of the paintings you can expect to see at the show. More information on the show to follow…Ok my pretties, have to get back to the drawing board.

Whats cookin in the kitchen?

Posted on 17/02/2014

What am I going to have for dinner?


There are so many positive things going on for a lot of loved ones and the year has just started! There were also some issues we had to face before the new year…one of them was a water catastrophe in our kitchen 1 day before our flight back home for Christmas…It was still pitch black when DK woke me up while muttering there were strange noises coming from outside our bedroom door. He thought it was perhaps the noisy radiator. As I decided to ignore him and doze off again, I hear a “HOLY F_ _ _ !” over and over again. Now, you have to understand, one of the things I love about DK the most is his sense of calm, so the fact that he was panicking, made me jerk out of bed to stumble into the darkness and out into the hallway. Yes it was dark, because the lights wouldn’t switch on! All I could hear other than his cursing was niagara falls. He also could not find the flashlight, lucky for us, I had it hidden right close to our fuse box so I grabbed it flashed it into the kitchen and gasped…ever watch Amityville Horror when blood is pouring down the sides of the walls and from the ceiling? Well, luckily we had water and not blood. The source of the flood was coming from our neighbours directly upstairs from us and they were already gone for the holidays :/ But it all worked out, the firemen came and clamped the burst pipe in his dishwasher and left a note for his return. Anyway, that was in December and our kitchen is finally dry enough to be repainted this week. I was really starting to be one with the water stains that covered the walls


and its a little sad that they will be painted over on Wednesday…even more sad is the idea that we won’t be able to cook in our kitchen for the entire week or two…So tonight, I am going to be like the girl in the above painting in progress… I am almost done the underpainting and have started to add kisses of colour…i also worked on 3 other paintings but now I have to stop for the night, as the oil paints have given me a headache.

So much activity this year…it sometimes overwhelms me, and I find myself wanting to just close the shutters and lock the door, swallow the key and not leave my safe zone — but life is not about staying and playing safe is it? So I have decided to shake up fate and be the master of my destiny — or is it the other way around – shake up destiny be the master of my fate? Well you know what I mean :)

Saturday WIP 02.08.2014

Posted on 08/02/2014


Working on this one…Originally I had intended to “blur” her face –as if she was shaking her head from left to right — i had not anticipated that it would end up being a mess so what to do? Stay calm…take a step back and try to figure out how to work with the mess and attempt to turn it into something cool. This is the result. Now I just let it dry a bit and glaze in the right tones and add details.

Slowly but surely

Posted on 24/02/2013

Slowly but surely I am making some progress on a series of paintings. There is so much going on art-wise for me. A couple of collaborations – with a planned group exhibit. I am also finally ready to invite people to see my actual work. Slightly nervous about people seeing the new stuff but at the same time, I worked so hard on them that I need to push it out in the open scary world LOL! I have nothing to lose right? An exhibit is planned for April, so please come back for an update on that. Anyway to the actual work– Journey to the West is probably one of the most talked about tale in Chinese culture. It features the unforgettable Monkey King, Sun Wukong – last post I showed you a small preview of my piece–anyhoo, to keep the story brief, its about Sun Wukong and how his antics get him banished from heaven…however, the Goddess of Mercy, Guan-Yin sends him on a mission as an act of penance to protect a buddhist monk while he seeks a sacred scroll. Accompanying them on their treacherous journey are two other former immortals who for their misdeeds have been thrown down to earth and must also repent their sins…these two are Zhu Bajie (aka pigsy) and Sha Wajing (sandy). The former was accused of sexually harrassing the Moon Goddes and the latter well, he was just a monstrous demon who liked to eat innocent humans and string their skulls around his neck. Here is a preview of its progress:

20130224-233528.jpg 20130224-233551.jpg 20130224-233604.jpg

I am posting this from my tablet, so the format may look strange – sorryyyy! The middle panel featuring Sun Wukong is complete, the whole piece will have this blue tone throughout–my way of paying hommage to chinese ceramic ware and my heritage. Another painting in progress features my lovely fox maiden having tea with her fox sister. I can’t wait to start painting this one. Yes they are serving liver and heart –how will they keep their youthful gaze? ;)


So thats it for now…I will be busy the next few weeks putting pieces together so I won’t be blogging via wordpress…but you can catch me via Instagram – just look up “paintblotch” or facebook. May your dreams be full of sweetness. xo paintblotch

WIP: Sun Wukong

Posted on 27/01/2013

This is what I managed to work on today:

20130127-224058.jpg 20130127-224014.jpg

As you can probably notice from the first panel, that the underdrawing was based on the form which mother nature had already outlined for me :) I just followed the lines. It was a good feeling :) when I finished the basic composition. Next step is to work in the background…which I will attempt to do this week.

Sun Wukong is probably the most famous character in chinese mythology. His story is also spread out all throughout Asia. He was also my favourite figure in chinese folklore as a child.
Also today, I sent my application off to ymc –its time for me to come out of the woodwork and start getting know other creatives here in my community and taking the chance to collaborate and leave my mark. If you are an illustrator, a painter, a designer, a composer, a creative mind in general who would like to broaden their network and collaborate on projects make sure to check em’ out :)  Meanwhile, I am three sheets to the wind and need my beauty sleep. Gute Nacht aus Minga :) Ihr Paintblotch

WIP: Myths

Posted on 19/01/2013


Being busy with the sketchbook project and vector graphics galore, I haven’t contributed to Illustration Friday for so long! Too long! But when I saw this week’s topic “Myth”, I was so happy because as it turns out, it fits with the series of paintings I have been working on for the past several months. For those of you who have been keeping up with me, you know I have this obsession with the fox maiden, Tamamo; perhaps the most intriguing and beguiling female figures in Japanese mythology. It is a story I am obsessed with for the past few years. I am in love with her, with the idea of her, and with her story because in many ways I see her smile reflecting back at me when I face the mirror. I suppose I can call her my familiar. The fox maiden has had to endure hardship, a downtrodden heart, and betrayal but always moved forward gathering her strength to protect the truth but according to the old myth with tragic consequences. I want to change that. Give her a “fair” ending, an ending I could live with :) Usually I would be nice enough to give you a hyperlink to some resource material like wiki but this tablet app for wordpress does not allow me to do it so I will suggest that you wiki Tamamo if you are curious and want more in depth information about her. Well back to the painting! kisses, Paintblotch…

WIP: Creatures in a New Year

Posted on 02/01/2013

Happy 2013 everyone! Can you believe how fast the year went?! It has been a year of great ups and great downs, and I didn’t get to accomplish as much as I wanted in 2012 so I am hoping that this year will be more productive art-wise. All of December was full of hustle and bustle in preparation for DK and mine’s first real Christmas together. We had a real tree and I baked a buttload of cookies! Enough to open my own Christmas Market Stand lol! After the festivities, we took off for Prague to celebrate the New Year. I can promise you, Prague does not disappoint—its one of the most, if not the most beautiful city in the union…right up there with Paris.
We even met irish writer John Boyne of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” who was celebrating New Year’s on the same “Jazz” cruise. I kid you not! It made my best friend’s daughter’s new year as she was avidly reading his book “The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket” during the entire holiday—heck! it made my entire night as well! I was absolutely floored as aforementioned book is a favourite of mine. If you have never read any of his books, I suggest you do.
Leaving Prague was an adventure, we realised we had only seen the touristy side of Prague when we ended up getting lost for an hour in some ghetto-like area outside of the city core. It was really interesting actually and I wish we had actually stopped somewhere to take photos but we were all anxious to get back to Munich. I was anxious because I’ve been itching to finish up my contribution to the Sketchbook Project 2013 especially having seen some really beautiful czechoslovakian art – Alfonse Mucha to name one!
So here is a preview of what I accomplished up til’ now:

As some of you may know, i wanted to make another japanese fold artbook for 2013 but this time using black card stock paper. My theme is “Creatures” and I was inspired by Dr. Seuss and school chalkboard drawings. I haven’t put any thought into the cover as of yet but I believe it will involve papercut designs. Now go and get some work done and accomplish great things! I’ve got your back :)


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