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Posted on 28/09/2011

is far from what I am feeling right now. Its Oktoberfest euphoria in Munich right now. This means millions of people squeezing up against each other and coughing in each other’s faces, or worse yet vomiting on each other, E V E R Y W H E R E! Believe me this is a normal happening!  I seem to recall getting sick every time Oktoberfest rolls around. I HATE OKTOBERFEST! There are really smart people who book their vacations this time of year to get away from Munich and Oktoberfest…Guess who has grown wiser this year? Yep, yours truly. Next October I think I will seek refuge in the Venice. There will be NO ONE there. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Munich becomes the center of the world every year at the end of September, its excellent for our economy…I just dont like getting sick because of it. I also heard from a friend, they want to run their own Oktoberfest in Vienna at the same time as Munich! So I cant even escape to Austria if I wanted to! So here is my attempt in expressing my need to lash out and fuel my anger into something more productive ;)

I am loving how illustration friday prompts have allowed me to start developing my fox maiden and bringing her to life. Ok faithful friends, the cold syrup is kicking in. I will be posting my new painting here soon, so stay tuned!


Posted on 24/03/2011

As promised, a sketch for illustration friday! I will probably re-visit this drawing and lay it on a larger surface…Have so much to do! I wish there was no such thing as sleep.

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