please bear with me :)

I am still getting to know this platform…the look of the blog isn’t quite where I want it to be at the moment so try not to pay to close attention to changes. 🙂 A friend of mine asked me why wordpress and not tumblr…the answer is, wordpress has been around for a long time – its a household name…i never actually heard of tumblr until he had mentioned it LOL!  Apparently every creative in the now is hot for tumblr…let me put it this way friend, that kind of reasoning doesn’t work with me. If everyone decided to jump off a bridge, doesn’t mean I should follow. I am not a trendfollower, I am a trendsetter LOL! so remember that pal 😉 For now, I will stick to “stodgy” but dependable WordPress where I can actually keep track of user traffic and allow my readers/”fans” the opportunity to make comments.


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