You waited long enough!

I had to take vacation to get work done :p Sorry it took so long. Here are the first few sketches. There is no structure to the sketches – but after all they are just that – sketches. So there is no story, no concept, no anything…just pure sketching with different media (4B pencil, scratchboard, hi-gloss acrylics found in the hobby store (awesome shit), old pencil crayons from a company that sadly does not exist in germany, and a fine-liner) .

I am aiming to complete at least 15 more drawings before submission date in december.

Pieces for Hollie Chantille’s art exhibit in November are completed and I will be displaying them here as well (just have to squeeze the time  in to photograph those puppies). Oh – interesting tidbit– I found out today that my work is extremely… lowbrow… wow…all this time, I never knew that I was lowbrow 🙂 love it. According to a wiki entry on this alternative/underground movement, its a genre that is not readily accepted by THE art community as being a “legitimate” artform…well I’ll be damned! If that just doesn’t describe my life I will start chewing tobacco! So yes world – I am an illegitimate individual who creates illegitmate art and takes pleasure in things lowbrow…finally I can identify 🙂

tree on a hill

ink on white scratchboard

dahlias in a vase

top half: thin moleskin paper, 4B pencil, hi-gloss hobby acrylic, bottom half: artist acrylic (golden, my favourite), hobby acrylic, 4 B pencil on black scratchboard

Oktoberfest doll

inspired by my favourite dollmaker, Marina Bychkova…except the dirndl – which belongs to moi.

Gym class

That would be me in elementary school…St. Sylvester in Scarborough. I loved that gym uniform – seriously, I ran around in those shorts all the time before certain family members started complaining about how indecent I looked LOL! Even my style was illigetimate!

Well, thats that for now. I will be uploading the pieces I made for Hollie  Chantille’s group show manana 🙂 until then, be good and please eat your vegetables.


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