If pizza were art

Ok – this has nothing to do with illustrations – well at least not directly…food has always been an inspiring source of creativity for me…Anyhoo, Daniel and I decided to eat out last night. We both felt like having Italian food. Due to laziness and convenience, we usually head over to our local italian restaurant – last night we were both stricken with a wave of adventure and decided to try something new…and we are both glad we did. My colleague at work suggested a restaurant located on Pariser Straße 15, 5 meters short of Rosenheimer Straße in Haidhausen, called Servabo.

We ordered a Quatro Staggione pizza and every ingredient was like a celebration for our tastebuds. The crust was the best crust I have had in many many years! I  was transported into otherworldy realms by my dish, pasta Norcina —Saccettini (cute little sac-shaped pastas) laced with a delicate black truffel cream sauce—every litte saccettini was a like a present. Servabo has a casual atmosphere, is very minimally decorated and not at all pretentious — exactly my kind of restaurant. They have what looks to be a pretty standard Italian menu (plus 1 persian entree found its way to the menu; the owner grew up in Iran but lived for a long time in Italy and was trained there), but I am willing to put money down that every food item offered surmounts “standard” by far in preparation and taste.  Price was also fair, considering most  (if not all) ingredients were organic: Salad = 4-6 EUR Pizza Quattro Staggione = 8,90 EUR, Pasta = 8,90 Bier = 3,80  Weinschorle (0,5l)=4,50

The restaurant is open monday to saturday , 6 pm to 1 am (make sure to get there around 6 – or reserve a table)

We will definitely be going back to Servabo…hopefully this weekend…with sketchbook and camera 🙂

hmm…maybe I should adjust this blog and turn into an art & food blog?


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