random thoughts from a lazy slob

I wasn’t productive enough this weekend. A few hours of painting on Saturday and some more doodling on sunday while watching Firefly…I was a real lazy mofo slob. I was at my most creative on Saturday during Norberto’s moustache party, where I created a cocktail in his honour…the MoFoSho…here’s the recipe:


1 tall glass

1 – 1.5 shot of premium gin

3 ice cubes

3 cucumber slices (about 2 mm thick)

fill with tonic water

1.5 tbsp Guava juice

It was a real hit… It was such a hit, that I was incapacitated the day after LMAO! I just stayed on the couch in front of the tv the whole freaking day…I finally started sketching around 10:30 pm —I’ll put that up when I’m done adding more details to it… I’ve not been having such a great relationshiop with my ink pens lately, and want to go back to pure pencil sketches…my pencils never let me down—ever. In a couple of days, I will be on my way to Madeira, a paradise island belonging to portugal located just slightly west off the coast of Morocco. I hear that the island is alive with man eating flowers and plants, so I will be taking my sketchbook, watercolours and machete with me…If I don’t get eaten up by a wolf spider or drowned at sea by a pod of dolphins, or worse yet, drowned in delicious cocktails, I will be posting the results here as well…until then, may the sun shine on you wherever you may be.


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