snow falling on baby

I’m off to Madeira tomorrow 5 am in the morning…not too happy about that…but before I go, I want to leave you with my contribution to this weeks’ Illustration Friday’s theme: prehistoric. Now I am rather dismayed, as I just found out that a scientific claim has been made which proved that triceratops never existed and was actually the juvenile form of a the torosaurus (a dinosaur I have never heard of before—but then again, I am no dinosaur expert)! This is supposedly old news (August 2010) but its new to me and I am shocked…I wonder if scientists thousands of years from now (ok if humans are still around) will make the claim that primates never existed and that they were just the juvenile variant of the homo sapien—am I going over-the-top?

I’d also like to let you know that you will probably not hear from me for the next 2 weeks, as I will purposely have no access to a computer or a telephone (I am really looking forward to this heh heh). I will be armed  with only my sketchbook, pencils, sharpener, rubber eraser, watercolours, camera and umbrella. I promise I will upload my Madeira sketches when I return from my trip. Until then, sweet dreams Munich and sweet dreams to you.


One thought on “Prehistoric

  1. Your little dino is so cute. I’m sorry about your triceratop news.Have a good time in Madeira

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