Sketch and laugh session with ilike

Made this quick drawing this afternoon. Its Nancy’s youngest…she is a little monkey 🙂

2 monkeys

Fun times to be had with my friend Ilike today! Ilike is a regular sketchbuddy at my place and good friend. Not only can she draw, she is actually the best writer I have ever met. Plus she is one funny lady who has the talent to fill the room with laughter. (WARNING: PLUG IN) Her new blog can be found here on wordpress. I for one, am very excited about it! Anyway, I will upload a few more sketches for the sketchbook project in the upcoming few days…plus a sketch for Illustration Friday– the theme this week is “Resolution”…I am so bad at making resolutions and keeping them, that I haven’t a clue what I should sketch for it LOL! Feel free to throw me your ideas…I will even credit you in my next post for it. Have a good night and see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Sketch and laugh session with ilike

  1. You can draw hands and teeth. It’s not fair. Oh well, one day, maybe soon, I will draw hands as well–MUHAHAHAHA!
    Thanks for all the hot drinks and BEEF this day =)
    Your apartment remains the ONLY creative temple.

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