Last sketch for Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project

So here it is, the last sketch for the 2011 sketchbook project tour. It was fun participating in this project! Haven’t drawn this much for sooo long! Am I glad I signed up this year—it got my fat butt off the lazy train 🙂 When I participate again I will be more focused and better trained…and I promise to stick to the theme…this time round I totally ignored my chosen theme hahaha! The drawings have absolutely nothing to do with it…and some drawings were done for Illustration Friday…but meh, at least i was motivated to sketch again 🙂 I was actually contemplating signing up for their monthly sketch project…a theme is given out every month, as well as a moleskine and I would just sketch out the proposed theme. Anyway enough bla bla. Here is the last entry and then its off to the Post Office. Its a drawing inspired by my sisters Sunshine and Macy when they were about 7—yes, they’re  twins.

Sunshine and Macy

Now on to other drawing! I am working on some ideas for possible oil paintings…I will post the preliminary ideas here. Back to the drawing board! Wishin everyone a great evening and a fantastic weekend! see you soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last sketch for Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project

  1. Hey cheater, that’s not what I remember them wearing in the picture >:P It turned out nice though–so now you have to give the Moleskin up? 😦 I liked flipping through it when you were gone…

    1. hahaha! yeah i gave them more modest outfits hahaha! I don’t want to invite any paedophiles to my blog you know…you think? Macy looks kinda strange with open eyes…but meh what am I gonna do? life isn’t perfect. Yup the Moleskine goes to brooklyn this week…But I am getting another one, because I am participating in another project – its called the Fiction Project. The theme (drumroll please)…Nighttime Stories…it was the easiest theme for me as it requires writing (bleh)—got lots of dreams strange, scary yet titillating to write about and illustrate…so you can flip through another one and help me with the writing part…i’ll even credit you.

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