So here it is, the last sketch for the 2011 sketchbook project tour. It was fun participating in this project! Haven’t drawn this much for sooo long! Am I glad I signed up this year—it got my fat butt off the lazy train 🙂 When I participate again I will be more focused and better trained…and I promise to stick to the theme…this time round I totally ignored my chosen theme hahaha! The drawings have absolutely nothing to do with it…and some drawings were done for Illustration Friday…but meh, at least i was motivated to sketch again 🙂 I was actually contemplating signing up for their monthly sketch project…a theme is given out every month, as well as a moleskine and I would just sketch out the proposed theme. Anyway enough bla bla. Here is the last entry and then its off to the Post Office. Its a drawing inspired by my sisters Sunshine and Macy when they were about 7—yes, they’re  twins.

Sunshine and Macy

Now on to other drawing! I am working on some ideas for possible oil paintings…I will post the preliminary ideas here. Back to the drawing board! Wishin everyone a great evening and a fantastic weekend! see you soon 🙂