Das ist mein Spielzeug!

It didnt take me long to think up of something for this week’s theme over at illustration friday. Does anyone remember the story of the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams? It was a childhood favourite. Though I still want to put more thought in the background, I present you with my hommage to that story:

Das ist mein Spielzeug!

8 thoughts on “Das ist mein Spielzeug!

  1. Hi, the lines are very simple and clean. The sketches show kindness, love, compassion, comfort. Thanks Hazel.

  2. I like the grumpy little stuffed animal on the left >:P What is that?

    Yeah, nice clean lines; great hair, like always! ^-^ But the picture makes me wonder if I don’t know the story…

    1. thanks moofie. Its not a literal representation of the story, but rather the feeling I get when I think of the story and for all those long forgotten toys that were once so loved. although the one on the left is still loved in my household hahaha!

  3. I do love the picture with the stuffed animal that is not the rabbit. I am trying to think of a way to describe the critter but it remains wonderfully abstract.

    Its just great on many levels. It has got a magical sense of whimsicality’s and its dreamlike as well. I love a great many of your pictures as many of them have qualities like that.

    I do greatly enjoy looking at your pictures. Please do keep drawing, they are wonderfully inspirational.

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