illu freitag: abgefüllt

I was wracking my brain about this friday’s theme, bottled. Patrick Süskind’s book “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. I throw the soundtrack to the film and the result is my hommage below (not nearly as gruesome but…I do have an “all ages” audience 😉 Its a sketch in my moleskine and then very quickly coloured in Photoshop with the trackpad on my macbook…almost like fingerpainting 🙂


5 thoughts on “illu freitag: abgefüllt

  1. Lovely genie in a perfume bottle. Her nose is reddish I bet from cold and is stuffy. How many times to brush the bottle to get our wish? Genie is waiting to fulfill the wish of others. Very imaginative!

  2. These are fascinatingly beautiful…of course, I have an affection to all thing gorey…but really, I love the sketches and your technique. Beautiful!

  3. You always come up with the coolest things for the Illu prompts.. Heh, i can never think of anything…!

    Great figure on the far left–she’s my favorite, with the swirl of hair ^-^

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