I had so many ideas for this week’s topic…I was even over-excited about the topic…so much so that I couldnt “streamline” my ideas and became impatient with my first round of sketches. Then I realised, why make things so complicated Hazel? I took a step back and decided simplicity is the way to go. So, instead of an action oriented image like my contribution for Journey, I went for something I find absolutely fascinating….animal masks. Here it is folks, my latest contribution to Illustration Friday:

rhino meets zebra, magic markers, pencil crayons ©hazel ang 2011

6 thoughts on “Safari

  1. Great pic, like always!
    And I agree with the comment above– there is
    just the right touch of sinister-ness to it. I think it’s the masks coupled with the black background. Glad to see you’re back for Illu Friday!

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