Here are photos of the live installations from Stroke 2011. All in all it was heaps of fun – haven’t painted under such time weather and medium constrictions in front of an audience and it was great talking to visitors interested in my piece, or meeting some of today’s amazing young urban artists such as Paulina (or Pau) Quintajornet , Larovodemadera, Inti and Charquipunk, all from Valparaíso in Chile. I regretfully did not manage to photograph their installation, so I hope you visit their links to get an idea of how beautiful their work is. I was seriously blown away. Moof and I had a great time. I think we have to work together on a collaborated piece soooon…I got lots of large format paper in my studio. Here are moof’s and my installations:

© Norberto Soares 2011

moof's pièce de résistance

me at work, photo courtesy of © Norberto Soares

my fox maiden up close, © Hazel Ang 2011

daniel had to actually finish the top part of the painting for me…I was too short.

So proud of him

finished © Hazel Ang 2011

And here a few of the highlights: