illu friday: swept

You will be glad to know that the one side of my donation piece for Japan is a few strokes from completion and my gift to Kuffi is also finished – we just have to find an approriate frame for it. For this week’s theme, I present these nearly completed projects. Enjoy!

Ps. Anyone notice that the lunar eclipse can be seen today as a blood moon in many countries? Ok- gotta go and howl at the moon!

house swept away by the tsunami
this side is mostly completed
may you never thirst: ink, goauche and colour pencils

13 thoughts on “illu friday: swept

  1. I love may you never thirst. The clouds are amazingly drawn and I just love the way her hair curls and twists. Aces. The other picture is great aswell, but I just adore may you never thirst.

    And the moon. The one night its clouded over. Grumble.

    1. I know right? I was grumbling last night about it. I ran outside all excited and right where it should have been, was a large rain cloud. Thanks you for your feedback by the way! Its always nice to see you drop by 🙂

      1. But hey, it was clear last night. Rats.

        Anyhoo I love coming here. And thanks the the subscription, it means alot. Your blogs on my favourites and I pretty much check here everyday.

  2. Its lovely to see a different medium on Illustration Friday, beautiful work!
    I was really surprised/confused when I awoke to see a blood moon outside my window until I logged onto google to see that there was an eclipse today.

    1. Thank you for having a peek at my work. I am very envious that you awoke to see what must have been an unforgettable spectacle…are you a night owl by any chance? 😉

    1. true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity

      Prof. X, X-Men:First Class

      I know I know, why are you quoting X-Men Hazel?! Because 1. I loved X-Men; you should see it if you get the chance, and 2. Because much of what one learns from X-Men films you can directly relate to creating art of any form –its all about being able to control those built-up “powers”. A lot of people would disagree with me —many would probably say “let it all out!” If it works for them great! But it has never worked for me, so finding that focus results in something I am content with in the end.

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