Afternoon art and Inspiration

Today was a national holiday. Fronleichnam or as its known in english speaking countries, Corpus Christi. Anyway, instead of going to mass I stayed home and worked on the following.

My donation piece for japanese tsunami victims: The water panel needed more drama. This is the result:

house being swept away

I also lined in my newest piece:

preview, Fox Maiden 1

After working on the Fox maiden at Stroke, I am motivated to make a series of fox maiden paintings on wooden board with oils. I will write a little more about the Fox maiden next week…Right now I want to curl up in bed and read this:

I picked up my copy tonight at the Jewish Museum where it was being presented by its author, Sarah Glidden. She is a very engaging admirable individual. Looking forward to hearing more about her and seeing more of her work. Before I call it quits for tonight, its show & tell time:


WHAT?! Can’t a girl brag?! 😉 Review to follow.





6 thoughts on “Afternoon art and Inspiration

  1. Oh, so that book is in German? : 😛
    And wow, an autograph! And–I like the drama panel… gives it a bit of a wood-block touch, with the stylized waves and swirls. Good luck with the Fox Maiden–I too will now draw a bit–gotta draw at night when the kiddies have gone the *&#% to sleep and the little Abe Lincolns start whispering in our ears!

    1. This is the german edition with Panini comics. In the US its published by DC Vertigo (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, Batman etc). HAHA! Abe Lincoln does not whisper in my ear…for me it would be Sir John. A. McDonald (Canada’s founding father).

      1. Thank you so much for visiting and for the feedback Marie, I feel as they say in german “geschmeichelt” 🙂 I love your blog! I want to go home right now and try your Elderflower cordial recipe 🙂 Its my favourite thing in the world to drink.

  2. Hazel, your work is wonderful. Love the mural work you did along with everything else. Thank you so much for visiting and “liking” my post, brought me here!

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