Today was a national holiday. Fronleichnam or as its known in english speaking countries, Corpus Christi. Anyway, instead of going to mass I stayed home and worked on the following.

My donation piece for japanese tsunami victims: The water panel needed more drama. This is the result:

house being swept away

I also lined in my newest piece:

preview, Fox Maiden 1

After working on the Fox maiden at Stroke, I am motivated to make a series of fox maiden paintings on wooden board with oils. I will write a little more about the Fox maiden next week…Right now I want to curl up in bed and read this:

I picked up my copy tonight at the Jewish Museum where it was being presented by its author, Sarah Glidden. She is a very engaging admirable individual. Looking forward to hearing more about her and seeing more of her work. Before I call it quits for tonight, its show & tell time:


WHAT?! Can’t a girl brag?! 😉 Review to follow.