Midsummer Night

acrylic on paper

I just got back from celebrating a dear friend’s birthday on a midsummer’s night. This one is for you Norberto. May you one day meet your queen titania.



5 thoughts on “Midsummer Night

  1. Thanks for the love! I see this morning that I have to upload a better resolution…I was so tired when I arrived home late last night…hence the minimal text entry and blurry scan 😦

  2. Is it blurry? Sadly, even when I try to make it bigger, it only makes it a little bigger…
    I wanted to study her dress… it’s so beautiful!!!! Really great job on this one ^-^ ::envy, envy::

    1. its blurry. i dont like to put up big blow ups of my drawings…try to keep the resolution lower on your images…the higher the resolution the more risk you have that someone will use your image on something without asking you first or offering to purchase the rights to use your image. Copyright your images and protect your work moof. If you visit sites like getty images.com you will see how much an illustration can cost for its use on a commercial product or magazine etc…(tips from the trade).

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