flower bath

I had surgery yesterday morning…this week’s illustration friday topic is somewhat of an ironic coincidence. I have always found baths to be therapeutic…in my case however, this is more wishful thinking –not allowed to bathe for at least 2 weeks!

Since I had already sketched several drawings which involved sleep (the greatest remedy of all), I decided to sketch a quick painting on my new Moleskine watercolour book again. Its a great format, in case people were wondering. The paper doesnt buckle so much even if painting wet-on-wet! I imagined it would buckle a lot more…but it could be that moleskine has pre-stretched their paper before binding them together as watercolour blocks. I highly recommend these if you have a little extra cash sitting around. It can take almost all mediums; yes, even oil 🙂 I have to thank my friend Natalia for giving me this last February.

I’ve also been working on a few things lately, just havent gotten around to posting them all. Maybe sometime this week, I will post a slideshow of my current paint projects. Right now, I have to be a good girl and try to recover before tomorrow morning –work awaits…good night from Munich.