E.T.: Come…

Elliot: Stay…

E.T.: Ouch (places finger on his heart and lips)

Elliot: Ouch (mimics E.T.)

E.T.: I’ll… be… righthere

Elliot: …bye.

When I found out the topic this week for Illustration Friday would be “stay”, my thought process went from romantic notions of couples being seperated to dog training to the Notre Dame in Paris…and then I watched E.T. the extraterrestrial, a movie that made me cry when I was 10 years old and turned me into a blubbering tear strewn fool this present day and age.

So this is it folks, my hommage to a movie that continues to tug at my aging heartstrings:

ball point pen from the Vancouver tourism office on brown packing paper

7 thoughts on “Stay…

  1. Hazel, I love it !!! I felt love, warmth, compassion,giving and understanding.
    Thank you Hazel for sharing.

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