I had all hopes of starting my first weekend morning on working on a couple of commissions, my “to japan with love” donation piece, and start putting in the finishing details on Rottkäpchen. As I am about to slip out of bed, Daniel murmurs, -We have to put our new media shelving unit together! -NOOO! if we do that its going to take the WHOLE DAY! I am totally annoyed…but realise he is right…we have to put the unit together and organise our very disorganised livingroom. By the end of the day, I was really glad we did–now my work area has also improved 🙂 Here are before/after shots:


my work corner for 2 years


my new workstation

It took me the whole day to get the living room in its present state. Our new unit, for all the hassle we both went through to get it (5 hours in Ikea shopping purgatory), and put it together (2 hours of figuring out which pegs went into which holes), was a worthy investment. At least I got to do a bit of painting on Sunday. I brightened up the colours and also worked on the pool of blood around her feet. Its a piece that wont be for the faint-of-heart.

Rotkäpchen, detail
Rotkäppchen, detail

Well, thats it for now. This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Obsession–You know you’ve been brainwashed when those darn Calvin Klein perfume Ads keeps drifting into your brain. Its going to be a real challenge to break away from images of Kate Moss 😉 I should have my submission posted here on Thursday so stay tuned. Now its time for District 9 on Blu-Ray!


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