Influence: Thank you Jack

image source: official photo from the NDP website

Now lets get something straight –I hate most politicians. They put me in a very foul mood and my blood pressure usually peaks when I hear Mr. or Ms.”X” politician has once again fudged up. I also do not like engaging in political debate, as I believe there is great potential there to lose good friends and make great enemies. Like Switzerland, I like to maintain neutrality. Also, I am never inclined to sketch-up political caricatures or portraits. But for Jack, I just had to. Mr. Layton is the only politician I have ever trusted. I will not get into a poli-sci debate here. I am not “trained” to waste my breath in that way…but I will say this, Jack was the prototype (in my opinion) of the Philisopher King (some people may find this cause for debate). He moved many people in Canada with his sincere words, and his wisdom. He was a positive influence on all Canadians, as well as on me. He affirmed my belief that a better society was attainable…He was a friend to many individuals from every background and creed. Bottom line, he was loved and deservedly so…This morning, I received the news that he had passed away yesterday in the morning hours. He was battling a second round with cancer and came to the realisation that he wasnt going to win this round. His fight for Canada and the NDP  goes on though. With that said, I will leave you with Jack’s letter to Canada and to the world, written 2 days before he passed on… I will probably always read it whenever I lose hope or am feeling down:

jack layton’s last letter to canadians


6 thoughts on “Influence: Thank you Jack

  1. I always love your IF interpretations. They are so different and neat =)
    I have never heard of this politician before, but thanks for introducing him to me and for your kickass portrait!

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