IF: Disguise and other news

“I got out of bed today, Swear to God I couldn’t see my face
I got out of bed today staring at a ghost
Who forgot to float away, didn’t have all that much to say
Wouldn’t even tell me his own name
Where’d my body go

Where oh where’d my body go?
Africa or Mexico?
Where or where’d my body go?
Where’d my body go?

Have you seen my ghost?
Staring at the ground?
Have you seen my ghost?
Sick of those goddamn clouds

Are you some kind of medicine man?
Cut the demons out of my head
You can’t kill something that’s already dead
Just leave my soul alone
I don’t need no surgery
Take those knives away from me
Just wanna die in my own body
A ghost just needs a home.”  –Wintersleep, A Weighty Ghost

Yes, I am obsessed with the fox maiden myth at the moment. She has become my muse. I have abandoned a few paintings because of her and am considering of devoting the rest of this year to her. What does “considering” mean? What I really mean is that I am beguiled by her, like those poor scholars she seduced thousands of years ago…will I end up becoming a fool? This week, I decided to reveal her true face.

On the news front: I’ve also just submitted a piece to Talenthouse.com for a poster comp. run by the English National Ballet. They are needing a poster for their production of Sleeping Beauty*, a part of their ballet series for children. Please visit this link on September 1st ( in 2 days) and vote for me if you would like to support my entry… I would be very grateful! The poster is a vector illustration, a little different than what you guys are probably used to.

There is a lot of creativity happening right now in my household, so please stay tuned. I will be updating at least once a week. Good night from Munich!

*note: that video is my favourite part of the ballet as performed by the Royal Ballet…Puss in Boots and White Cat!


7 thoughts on “IF: Disguise and other news

  1. Hello there! I came across your most excellent illustration in Illustration Friday and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED the way you handle color and line. Hats off to you!

  2. Your recent works made me think of this quote. It is from a book I love a lot, “The Art Spirit”:

    “The artist should have a powerful will. He should be powerfully possessed by one idea. He should be intoxicated with the idea of the thing he wants to express.”

    Beautiful colors on this piece– I’m looking forward to seeing where you take her next.

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