What would you do if you encounter a fox in the woods? I decided to dust off my tablet. Sometimes when I am having a difficult time thinking, I just let the tablet sketch out ideas for me. I will definitely be developing this idea in traditional mediums. On the fox front, I discovered a valuable wealth of information on the chinese myth. So you can imagine, its going to be a great week of researching information and piecing my fox maiden’s story together and developing her character. Well kiddos, I should be going off to slumberland…my mind has to be fresh tomorrow as D.K. and I  start our mandarin lessons 🙂 yes you heard correctly. I am very excited about this. Its never too late to learn anything —even if it is your own culture. So as they say in mandarin (though I could be wrong), zuò gè hǎomèng : sweet dreams or lit. “make good dreams” 🙂


6 thoughts on “mysterious

  1. I’ve been so behind on your blog since I went to Hungary! : /
    I can’t believe you’re learning Mandarin–that’s awesome…(And I’m trying to figure out who DK is based on our mutual acquaintances, and I’m drawing a blank…) I’m sure at some point you will want to stab chopsticks into your eyeballs to make the pain stop– call on me then, and I’ll make you a cup of coffee.
    Beautiful picture, by the way–I love your imagination =) It’s so rich– I really hope someday (soon!) to see a book you’ve illustrated, or a children’s story… I think it’s your calling and your duty.

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