Separation Anxiety

the sisters were like night and day…

I’ve been needing a little comfort through some kind of magical experience. The closest I got to it, was playing around with this image in my new brown paper sketch book. I actually really love this sketchbook; it provides me with a relatively accurate preview of how my colour palette could look like if I decide to transfer the idea onto a wood panel. For the sketch, I mucked around with my pastel pencils and ink. Those stars are actually dabbed with gold ink and looks much better in reality. Anyway, as I was drawing this, a story started to form in my head about 2 sisters who were doomed to be separated but still could not exist without the other. One wears a coat made of a million sparkling rays from the sun, and the other a cloak of stars… I’m going to keep plugging away at ideas and see if something truly magical comes out of it.

On the project front –my lady friend Moof has agreed to pose with her little Nazgul for a portrait. Moof in Parka and Mukluks, and Nazgul just the way he is. I’m very excited about it! But to ease Moof and Nazgul, the burden of having to sit for me for too long ( I wouldnt want Nazgul to have a temper tantrum because he was bored or something, that would be dangerous for everyone in this house), I will be also have to take reference photos. Perhaps I will document the process through photos and video (with the permission of Moof and the little Nazgul of course). Until the next post, keep strong and stay warm.


8 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Nice picture!! I’ll have to see the original with the gold-d-d-d-d!

    Wow, yay, I’m posing for a portrait with a parka! I’d rather have someone else pose in a parka for me, but if this is the closest I’ll get, I’ll take it. (Hey, what are mukluks, just so I can come prepared? Is that a form of underwear? Or are they boots?)

    And the little Nazgul is super excited too. You of course have full permission to document with whatever you see fit. Video, photo, cave drawings,we’re flexible.

    1. your winter boots moof, the ones with the fake fur trim 🙂 omg does the Nazgul have mukluks? cause that would be sooo cute! yeah – could that someone else be a particular serbian-austrian super model?

      1. Do not get me started on serbian-austrian super models ;P
        ::shakes head left to right vigorously::
        ahhhh…. ok.
        Yes, he has …. Moofie boots! Little booties!! We can bring them and see what progresses =) Can’t wait!

  2. Looking forward to the Moof and Nazgul portrait.
    Your work, as always, leaves one with a contemplating mind!

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