Grounded or Origins

…Grounded at the foot of old man Esposito’s olive tree, was a little reed basket. The crying was coming from there!  When she came closer to the bundle, Mercy couldn’t believe her eyes—a baby, sweet as Mrs. Wu’s red bean cake, tucked-in under layers of plush pink blankets, crying her little lungs out! The foxes seemed to watch over her…

This is where it all begins for my fox maiden. This is how she was found. It was the first clue to her story. I’m still trying to put the pieces together. I spent the whole day inking the panels to my submission to the Sketchbook Project. As I am writing this blog, its drying. In about an hour, I will apply a layer clear gesso so that the paper will be stable enough for when I apply colour to it. I plan to use acrylic paint and may touch up here and there with coloured pencils. Lets hope I dont muck it up! Anyway, here is a quick look at at the inked stage:


4 thoughts on “Grounded or Origins

  1. Love the first picture. Particularly the foxes. Very subtly placed.

    And I love tree houses. And yours looks amazing. Would love to see it when it’s completed.

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