Treehouse Update

May I present the base pencil drawing for my submissiont to the Art-House Coop’s Sketchbook Project 2012. Tomorrow I will be inking in sepia coloured ink. When the drawing is dry, I will apply a layer of matte medium and then bring it to life with colour. I had some issues with the binding, which I hope to solve. Oh! I almost forgot to add, you may recognise the little tree-spirits (jap. Kodoma), they were seen in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke; I love them so much, and the tree really should have kodomas to protect it so…thank you Mr. Miyazaki—I love you and your world!🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little slide-show preview.

Also on the news front: I finally became a member at Filu. Although I am a full-time vector illustrator helping industrial design companies communicate their products, now that I have joined Filu, I really feel like an official illustrator…silly right? The great thing about Filu is that it is an archive of illustrators working in Germany which is presented at major book fairs in Europe such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Bologna Book Fair. I still have to prepare my portfolio for presentation which will then be shipped out to Filu this week. Most of the illustration I will be including in that presentation will be aimed at publishers of children/youth books and Stationary/Papeterie companies. A lot of work is ahead of me this week and it will be stressful, but its a good kind of stress…stress that makes me feel good. 2012 is going to be a fulfilling year—I feel it in my bones 🙂 I’ll most likely be posting that portfolio here. Until then, have a great rest-of-weekend blog guests!

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2 thoughts on “Treehouse Update

  1. Lol, I feel like such a friggin’ stalker! I’m always the first one to comment 😀 But I can’t help it–this is beautiful! Really loved scrolling through =) The snake!!!! So cute!!!!! Can’t wait to see the final product and the process. Heh, I might even learn something! Yeah, have a very productive 2012, and congrats on joining Filu. I’m excited to see where the road takes one of ma’ mentors….!

    1. tsk its cause you are up so late when you should be sleeping! cuddling in bed with (––}and j-bug. That snake almost didnt make it in the final drawing because I almost forgot about it LOL! Conversation with myself: ” I think a creature is missing…No stupid you have no time now so get going and start inking…no someone is missing, someone really important…more important than those silly axolotyls…though they are rather funny & cute little amphibians. OH CRAP! SNAKE!…Oh Lord, why do I put up with you?”

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