This was a very victorious weekend indeed! Moof dropped by on Saturday and worked away in her sketchbook which she will be presenting her mom. I’m seriously jealous mama Moof –you are about to receive a real gem of a piece! While Moof worked away on her sketch, I was screaming “innerlich” and working on my submission for this year’s Sketchbook Project tour. Well its 23:43 Sunday the 29th of January and I can now announce after 12 hours of trying to keep myself together, the actual drawing and cover is FINISHED! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present…Treehouse:

Medium: ink, acrylic, and coloured pencils. Now that I am finished, I have to admit that I really do not want to send it off to Art House Co-op 😉 I’m quite attached to it. But alas, it will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon where it will join tens of thousands of other wonderful sketchbooks in its new home.

On the news front, I have a couple of exciting projects coming up. One is the limited edition sketchbook for Art House Co-op, the other is a collaboration with one of my all time favourite rock bands for their upcoming new album…I just have to say yes or no which I haven’t done yet but will so this week! I will tell you all that I am just F!”§(/$n bouncing off the walls with excitement at this opportunity! For those of you who know me privately you know that I do not have the personality required to be a groupie, but after I was asked very nicely if I would be interested,  I sure as heck felt like I could easily become a groupie! LOL! Alright children, be good and dont forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day, Paintblotch has to get some sleep and start the work week all over again! Sweet dreams…


5 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Despite what that sign said, I want to live in that treehouse.

    That’s so good. So very, very good. Love the foxes in particularly.

    Yeah, that’s pretty great right there.

  2. You’re done! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And of course, it looks fabuloso! =)
    Yeah, ahaha, that’s why I don’t do these sketchbook things… I couldn’t bear to send my baby off 0_0. That’s guts right there. But you will bring many people enjoyment =)

    Good luck with the other projects, and keep us posted please!

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