Intention or Kismet

I haven’t contributed to Illustration Friday for a while. So this week, I finally found the time to make a little sketch. While brainstorming for ideas, I was reminded of the sculpture of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini. I think that sculpture by Bernini clearly defines this week’s prompt: Intention. This sketch is actually a study of one of his sculptures with some added elements. I also took out Apollo…he wasn’t needed in this sketch. Those who know me personally also know that my work is derived from myths, folk-tales. So rediscovering Daphne’s story has of course inspired me to contemplate her story. I am sure she will be making another appearance some time this year. Anyway, for those of you who need to be refreshed of the story:

The sun god Apollo makes fun of his brother Eros (like cupid) and a young river nymph by the name of Daphne becomes a pawn in a ridiculous fight. Eros creates two magical arrows, one made of lead, the other of gold. The lead arrow fills the heart with hate, while the golden one fills the heart with love. Sinister Eros shoots the golden arrow at his unsuspecting brother and the lead one directly into Daphne’s heart. Apollo pursues Daphne, intending to take her virginity. One day while bathing naked in her father’s river, Apollo goes stupid and tries to convince her that she is in need of deflowering. Daphne’s father Peneus intervenes and to save her fidelity, turns his daughter into a laurel tree. The effects of the golden arrow are permanent. In his sadness, Apollo makes himself a wreath made from the laurel tree. Poor Daphne. Turned into a laurel tree for ever because 2 brothers had communication problems.

I managed to send my illustration boards to Filu and those illustrations will be making its way to the Leipziger Book Fair and also the Bologna Children’s Book fair. Though I have a full-time agency job, I would like to make some extra cash in my spare time. No sleep for the wicked! Maybe something comes out of it, maybe not. Either way, I will be painting drawing brainstorming learning and not wasting any opportunity to exercise my imagination. The next deadline is the end of April for the Art House co op’s limited edition sketchbook. The theme is “Why the owl made everyone laugh”. I am very eager to begin this project. My other idea was possibly working towards a duo-exhibit with Moof over at I think our styles and narratives, though extremely different, correspond very well together. Also, I would also like to start working on an animated digital picture book for children ages 4 to 6. Sometimes I wish the days were longer. On that note, have a great sunday and thanks for reading my ramblings.


5 thoughts on “Intention or Kismet

  1. Beautiful and full of quiet energy, I think you captured the story wonderfully. Many of those mythical gods stories are equally infuriating – it’s like a bunch of juvenile delinquents with super powers!

    Good luck with all your ventures and I’m totally signing that petition for more hours in a day. Also, what a stunning photo of your grandparents, wow!

  2. Oooh… and on the duo-exhibit 0_0 That would be amazing!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ If at any time you have time, just let me know…!! Yes, I agree with you… our styles and the 'stories' we tell are often very different, but I think there is a lot of overlap as well…! Keep me posted and I hope some opportunities come from the FILU submission.

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