Last year for my birthday, a couple of my friends got me a 100 sheets of  200 g smooth paper from Schöllerhammer. It is one of the best birthday presents I have ever received (being whisked off to Valencia was the topper). Its awesome when your loved ones gift you with useful things…but thats just the pragmatic side of me talking. Anyway, from a couple of din A3 sheets, I cut up a stack of A6 sized postcards 🙂 and decided to play around with a couple of neglected copic markers and some coloured pencils…this paper was definitely made for the markers.WOW! I hated using those markers normally on every other surface I have tried them on. I found that it worked really well with coloured pencils too. Well, the aftermath is my contribution to this week’s IF prompt. I was having so much fun on that little space…but the swamp girl, she wasnt too happy with her situation at all. I guess I would be really grouchy too if I had to wade around in a thick soup of algae, swamp mud, bugs, and micro creatures all day, with nothing to eat but flies, crayfish and toads.

Work at the design firm usually has me looking and feeling like my bayou babe featured above, so running home to play around with materials and getting to do my own thing for at least a couple of hours without clients breathing down my back is a real relief for me. Its like a work out for my soul. Another thing I am looking forward to this week is my first ever baby birthday party hosted by …yes…ME! Moof’s little Nazgul is turning 1 next monday, and his adoring fan…me…felt inclined to throw him a tea party…though he will not be drinking the tea as it might be improved with Rum. Tea, cupcakes and sandwiches shared with good friends while the ever so precious little Nazgul is climbing into the plant pots, eating the dirt and knocking my canvases down –I cant think of a more perfect Saturday. Life is truly grand!