Quick Post

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been working furiously on my sketchbook project lim. ed. book, and I finally have some cute story going for my little owl, so I can actually breathe a little bit. I also finished Leda & the Swan. Yes folks…finished. I will get to it in a second. First, I want to tell you that I had a great time with Moof and my favourite computer scientist who I will call L. L is sooo intelligent that she can probably hack my blog if she wanted to. She also likes to draw just like Moof and prefers to do so in the company of others…So she was a guest in my cave last weekend. If I can get their permission, I will post their work here next time they are back.

Also, I started watching a really interesting series from the U.S. I know I am probably very behind on many things to do with television from the homeland, but better late than never right? Its called Work of Art: The Next Greatest Artist. I love having it run in the background, makes me feel like I’m in art school again 🙂 Ok without further adieu, here is Leda: (The lighting in the evening is not as great – hence these repros are darker than the original)

The photo-repro is so dark that one can not really see the lily pads and the strange mollusk creature who is resting in the water…but its there. Well, its time for me to get back to the drawing board and get the inking groove on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. Paintblotch, your blog theme changes faster than a 14 year old’s hair color!! 😀
    The Leda picture is beautiful! But I am yes getting the impression that the picture is shortchanging me >< No choice but to see it live at your place sometime ^^
    I had a great time last Saturday–let's do it again soon and good luck with the skechbook project!!! ❤

    1. thanks moof. you aren’t really being shortchanged that much…The original painting does have a dark tone. But maybe i will take a photo of it during the day and you will see what i mean…this one was taken in the evening. I changed my blog 2 weeks ago :p

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