Jump Otis

Serendipitously, this week’s IF prompt and my sketchbook theme for Arthouse Co-op’s 2012 Limited Edition project matched! So here are a few pages from my book will be shipped off tomorrow morning. As I was working on the project, a character and story started to develop which I want to explore with more depth. May I introduce…Otis, the little owl. Here he is knocked off his beak and finds himself plummeting towards the great Unknown. Poor little guy hasn’t even learned to fly yet!



On other news, I am very excited because I’ve got some very EXCITING collaborations awaiting me on my desk…A possible foot in the door to the fascinating world of children’s book illustration! I will post further info here once everything is official. Also, I am working on a self portrait for Arthouse Coop – mini mini portrait…don’t quite know how I will capture the essence that is Paintblotch on such a mini canvas…there is enough room on there for my ear. As soon as that is finished though, I will post and hopefully dear readers you will be able to understand me a little more.


6 thoughts on “Jump Otis

  1. Brilliant illustration 🙂 Poor Otis! I love the way you’ve caught the sense of movement and the texture you’ve given to the tree trunk and feathers. Good luck with the collaborations too 😀

    1. you have better things to be doing then to be here moofhead 🙂 still though, i’m glad you didnt miss out on Otis completely 🙂
      I sent off the sketchbook last monday and hopefully it will arrive at Art House soon…now I have to work on a self portrait and a top secret assignment heh heh.

  2. It’s exciting to hear how the Art House Coop has inspired you. I participated in the 2012 sketchbook project, also. It spurred me out of 10-year hiatus from drawing.

    Now I’m drawing, painting and blogging about my art on a weekly basis. But *your* daily output is an inspiration!

    1. Hi Gabriel, Yes thats exactly what happened to me! After I started working (as a graphic designer), I put away my beloved art materials in a closet and never thought about it anymore, and then I discovered Art House Coops project and it rekindled my true love 🙂 I have to tell you though, my blog is not daily…its so sporadic…guilty…But thank you for your kind words and for dropping by. I will check your blog out too.

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