It was such a relief to get my limited edition sketchbook and self-portrait completed for Art-House Co-op. I could relax for a bit until the next deadline started to loom over my head…Enter next deadline; I have this opportunity to collaborate with the lovely Sophia Fakhry, a lebanese children’s author based in Beirut. She has a series of books about a young funny and caring lebanese boy who is adopted by an american woman living in Beirut. The series is meant for children between the ages of 6 to 8 years and will be available in English and Arabic from World Book Publishing. So I am busy working away on the first spread for book 1: Marvellous the Magician. Deadline is in a week. I finally settled on an idea this morning and after making the first drafts in analog mode, I decide to create the magic digitally however, my tablet started to be unco-operative as well as my computer so I wasted precious time trying to convince them to work with me again. Sometimes someone has to throw a wrench in the hallway.
In other news, Philip Hartigan who is an artist from the UK currently based in the US asked me for an interview which will be up on his blog soon. We met via Google+. Nice guy.  Please visit his website as well – his art blew me away!  As well, Rob Jelinkski who also participated in the Sketchbook project 2012 and whose submission was amaaazing, asked if he could put me up on his live video feed on Global Sketchbook Project Day Sunday, June 3rd at 6:30 pm +1 GMT. So if you feel like watching me complete a drawing live, come out and see me. The live feed can be found here. Rob Jelinski is a mover and a shaker, if you are in the NJ/NYC Area on June 2nd, try to make it to his exhibit at the Panera Bread Company on 310 Washington Street in Hoboken New Jersey.
Also, I have agreed to participate in the Parallax Art Fair in London in October. I will let you know more details when I have more info. Gosh, this post has been nothing but a dry Bulletin or Notice! For that, I apologise.
On another note. And this is more directed at friends here in Munich. I will be fairly involved with my creative projects for the next few months –and I know that a few of you will probably not approve. Oh well, such is a relationship with an illustrator/creative type – you will barely see them 😉 Toodaloo sweeties – this old girl has to get back to the drawing board!

4 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. That’s amazing!!! Wowwwww, I feel so out of the loop ><. Congratulations though on all the new developments. You have been working so hard and you deserve them and many more. Good luck on all of your projects and please keep us posted about the interview and everything–!! ❤

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