Space & Why I Need it

This week’s IF prompt is “Space”…at first I had a desire to go a little more sci-fi…maybe send my fox girl, into a galaxy far far away. I may still do that. Let me tell you a little about myself. I love my space. I revel in my solitude and savour any second of absolute utter aloneness I am given. You know why? Because I can think better and I feel grounded. Of course many of you might not understand and may even think that this is mentally and physically unhealthy. Well, thats just…unfortunate. Being alone is the best opportunity for someone to be aquainted with their true self.

Its been a busy month since my last post and during that time I’ve been keeping myself happily occupied with some side projects, live sketch streams, and also stepping out of my cave on the rare occassion to meet up with friends whom I had not seen for a long time, as well as a much needed quality time with DK —who was starting not to recognise me even though we live together. Anyway, here is my fox girl sitting on her favourite spot, her special space. My fox girl who still lacks a name. I did this sketch a couple of weeks ago. I will be using it as a basis for a 30mm x 40mm painting on wood panel. I am busily preparing some pieces for an art fair in October and I hope everything turns out well. Wish me luck.

© all rights belong to Hazel Ang

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