Suspension of Time and Space

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will not be taking on any extra projects until the end of October…C.K. if you are reading this, this does not include our collaboration so don’t worry ok? Its freaking hot in Munich, I am happy for every moment of rain. I know Moof has another opinion, but me, personally, loves a gentle summer rain with extra large drops to cool me off. Lately I have been feeling very uninspired and a lot like this:

This week’s IF prompt is “Suspend”. I have to remind myself that there will be days when I absolutely do not want to do anything other than kick back and daydream and let the hours drag on ever so slowly…and that is absolutely O.K. Some of the best ideas can only be found in time and space. If this happens to you, give in — your muse is calling.…plus, its always good to give your body a rest. The prompt took me back to a piece that my dear friend John Farah composed when we were both studying music. He gave me a copy one of the first times I met him, and to this day, its still one of my favourite pieces that I like to revisit time and time again. It was called something like, Suspension into Time and Space… musically, its difficult to communicate this idea from a piano, but he accomplished it 🙂 Sadly, he doesn’t even acknowledge this piece as being worthy of mention…meh…artists.

Anyway, enough blabber, this drawing is a colour pencil study of light and dark from one light source – chiaroscuro. Carravagio, Rembrandt were both masters who were inspired by this affect. I had a photo reference, but the face is is one that has been popping up a lot lately. Adieu till’ next time.


7 thoughts on “Suspension of Time and Space

  1. Very nicely done! What a paradox… to complete such an inspired piece about not feeling inspired. I really like the face. It draws me in, but the line work on the upper arm is very arresting as well and keeps me interested.

  2. Wow – I think I have been hacked! Apparently I “liked” my own blog entry and I keep getting notifications about it even if I press the “like” button to unlike it…What is going on?

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