Beyond the Grave




I realise I haven’t updated my blog for 2 months. I’ve been working on a concept for an art-fair this upcoming October. When I am in search for ideas, I like to go to the flea market or look in Antique shops. I usually am not disappointed. Not only did D.K. and I score 10 dvds for a total under 20 euros, I found the thing that is now the inspiration for the series I am working on. The preliminary drawings above were done today. Last night in my dream, my grandmother called me. She wanted to give me life advice. I was taken by surprise because she had passed away this past February, yet she has already visited me at least every other week for the last few months. Everytime she graces me with a surprise visit, I point out to her that she is dead, she insists she is not dead just not available as much and that I should not be so blunt; its not lady-like, and then I listen to what she has to say. The problem is, when I awake, I have lost most of the message. Which is rather typical! I have to keep a notepad beside my bed and write down her messages if I remember them. I absolutely cherish every visit with her and feel comforted that even beyond the grave she continues to watch over me and be a part of my life. Anyway, the (incomplete) drawing above of the girl with peonie flower was something I was working on while talking to my grandmother in my dream. At least I remembered that. My grandmother absolutely adored Peonies. The third eye is for insight and extra vision.

On the news front, I have a lot of exciting work ahead of me! Asides from working on the art-fair series and sketchbook project 2013,  I’ve been comissioned another painting, and as soon as my new patron sends me her briefing, I’ll be looking forward to working on that as well. Finally the best news of all…D.K. and I are tying the knot on September the 7th in Copenhagen…I yet have to send announcement cards to all our family members…oh wait, was that what my grandma was reminding me to do? drats!



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