HauntI had such a great time making this illustration in dedication to my favourite holiday of the year. I even gave myself a fright when the 2 hovering heads appeared. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Have a horendously horrific hallowe’en…I know I will.



7 thoughts on “BOO!

    1. Hey tinroof nice to see you! Thank you! I was reminded while making this, that I truly love delving into darker themes like this one…It always feels soooo natural…

  1. I love those heads! They seem to be coming out of glowing slits in the air. The two different gestures of the hands is also a nice touch. What medium did you use? Chalk pastel? I’m stumped.

    Happy Halloween.

    1. Hi Gabriel, Happy Halloween! I’m glad you love those heads 🙂 They really did scare me – they just came out of my head whilst listening to one of Beethoven’s pieces playing in the background.
      I used Acrylic on cardboard…I gessoed the cardboard with a matt acrylic medium, drew directly
      on it with a 4B pencil and then painted over with transparent Acrylic colours, for the skin, I used titanium buff coloured acrylic. Its actually not finished – and had to quickly adjust the lighting in Photoshop to make it in time for Halloween :p …The hair isn’t finished…I will have to do this still and then post up the unphotoshopped version on Thursday 🙂

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