New Beginnings

Way back in the middle of September, I find an unexpected email from someone named Alison Hu who had viewed my treehouse sketchbook (with ther friends) while it made its stop in Austin Texas at the Co-Lab Space. She writes:

Helloo! My friends and I had the privilege of delicately oogling over your Sketchbook yesterday in Austin, Texas!!!

Thank you for making our day.
(“She’s awesome,” says my fiance, Nick, in the baseball cap)
Much love,

Needless to say, I got a warm & fuzzy feeling all over…she even ended the email with love. Nice people do exist! Its not just a myth 🙂  Here are the photos she sent me:

Pretty cool right? 🙂 Anyway, it turns out that Alison and her friends are architechts and photographers –creatives– I would love to see their work if they can forward me link(s). All of this got me off my butt, and I finally started my sketchbook project for the 2014 tour. I decided to pursue the “creatures” theme. Today I disassembled my sketchbook apart and now it looks like this so far:

Its going to be even darker than last year’s. I’ve been feeling a little dark lately. This year has been kinda rough on me. An extreme roller coaster ride…with moments of absolute bliss and absolute sadness & tragedy. So it is more than likely to rub off on my personal work. Well, back to the drawing board for me. Kisses, your paintblotch


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