This is what I managed to work on today:

20130127-224058.jpg 20130127-224014.jpg

As you can probably notice from the first panel, that the underdrawing was based on the form which mother nature had already outlined for me 🙂 I just followed the lines. It was a good feeling 🙂 when I finished the basic composition. Next step is to work in the background…which I will attempt to do this week.

Sun Wukong is probably the most famous character in chinese mythology. His story is also spread out all throughout Asia. He was also my favourite figure in chinese folklore as a child.
Also today, I sent my application off to ymc –its time for me to come out of the woodwork and start getting know other creatives here in my community and taking the chance to collaborate and leave my mark. If you are an illustrator, a painter, a designer, a composer, a creative mind in general who would like to broaden their network and collaborate on projects make sure to check em’ out 🙂  Meanwhile, I am three sheets to the wind and need my beauty sleep. Gute Nacht aus Minga 🙂 Ihr Paintblotch