Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely I am making some progress on a series of paintings. There is so much going on art-wise for me. A couple of collaborations – with a planned group exhibit. I am also finally ready to invite people to see my actual work. Slightly nervous about people seeing the new stuff but at the same time, I worked so hard on them that I need to push it out in the open scary world LOL! I have nothing to lose right? An exhibit is planned for April, so please come back for an update on that. Anyway to the actual work– Journey to the West is probably one of the most talked about tale in Chinese culture. It features the unforgettable Monkey King, Sun Wukong – last post I showed you a small preview of my piece–anyhoo, to keep the story brief, its about Sun Wukong and how his antics get him banished from heaven…however, the Goddess of Mercy, Guan-Yin sends him on a mission as an act of penance to protect a buddhist monk while he seeks a sacred scroll. Accompanying them on their treacherous journey are two other former immortals who for their misdeeds have been thrown down to earth and must also repent their sins…these two are Zhu Bajie (aka pigsy) and Sha Wajing (sandy). The former was accused of sexually harrassing the Moon Goddes and the latter well, he was just a monstrous demon who liked to eat innocent humans and string their skulls around his neck. Here is a preview of its progress:




I am posting this from my tablet, so the format may look strange – sorryyyy! The middle panel featuring Sun Wukong is complete, the whole piece will have this blue tone throughout–my way of paying hommage to chinese ceramic ware and my heritage. Another painting in progress features my lovely fox maiden having tea with her fox sister. I can’t wait to start painting this one. Yes they are serving liver and heart –how will they keep their youthful gaze? 😉


So thats it for now…I will be busy the next few weeks putting pieces together so I won’t be blogging via wordpress…but you can catch me via Instagram – just look up “paintblotch” or facebook. May your dreams be full of sweetness. xo paintblotch


5 thoughts on “Slowly but surely

  1. It all sounds very exciting. It’s nerve-wracking to have other people see the things that you hold dear, but you’ll take the plunge, survive it, and be pleased you did.

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