My First Show in Germany

My First Show in Germany


8 thoughts on “My First Show in Germany

      1. Hello Hazel!
        this is Nadia, John’s mom. I hope you are well. I’ve been through hard times but am better now.
        The reason why I’m writing is that: somehow your blog and my blog got mixed up together, for when I try to access my blog or even press HOME on one of the pages, your blog appears. Do you have an idea why? Maybe I should just change my password…
        Bye for now,

      2. I am really glad that you are better. John had told me – not in great detail and I was worried about you and John. I am not sure why that could happen…it could be a fault from my end – I tried to reply your previous post on my ipad application – and well, the application is not that easy to navigate, so maybe wrong buttons were pressed. I know when I tried to leave a comment on your post, I kept receiving a sign-in window asking for my password…which is highly unusual. I ignored it and shut down my application and restarted nothing unusual happened and I was able to comment on your post I was also still logged in to my account – so…Hm… Very strange very strange. Maybe we can bring this to attention of the wordpress support people and they can reset your log-in information? I am so sorry, I am not sure what happened there. Let me know as soon as you have more info and if its still a problem, let me know too and I will try my best to help. Have a good day, Hazel
        ps. I am really really glad you are better Mrs. Farah.

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