Summer really?

I haven’t posted since May and though the weather hasn’t changed much, a few exciting things have happened since then. Last I wrote, I was suffering from delicious pressure to have at least 6 paintings completed for Obacht! I managed to accomplish that much. I was happy with the results and was super anxious about the fair — for no good reason. At least 1000 people visited the fair to view over 800 pieces from over a 100 artists from the bavarian regions – it was freaking cool! Got to know a few new faces and catch up with some of the artists I have met since February Plus- I sold 3 of my pieces which was an added added bonus. So if you are an artist, living here in Germany, keep an eye out for this art-fair and submit your work! You won’t regret it plus you get to hang out in Munich best city in Germany!

Post fair, I needed a break from all the art, so I ran away to the forest with D.K. Now that I am back I feel rejuvenated and want to get back again to the drawing board. Works have to be made for a planned group show in October – stay tuned as I will be posting paintings in progress here on my blog. Ok peeps, over and out for now…savour the weekend and stay productive 😉 xo paintblotch

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4 thoughts on “Summer really?

  1. Buwaaaaaaaaa, your pictures are so beautiful >___<
    I will have to come over and see some in real life… congrats on making it through =)

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