Dear Friends,


Early in November a high impact typhoon hit the south eastern islands of the Philippines. The Region of Visayas which includes Tacloban and Cebu, were devastated.

  • 11,5 million people are affected,
  • 2.5 million people are currently in need of food,
  • 544,606 people have been displaced,
  • 130,074 homes have been destroyed

and as of November 22,

  • 1215 evacuation centres have been set up
  • 5240 have perished
  • 1613 are still missing

Medical aid is still needed. Many elderly people and young children who have managed to survive the devestation require treatment for their injuries and also for their actual medical conditions. Medical teams need our support in order to bring medical aid to those people.

So please help me –Hazel Ang, and BCA Munich, raise funds to help Doctors without Borders  with their relief efforts covering the areas of the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda) by purchasing an Art Swap ticket from the following link: Art Swap for Philippines And then come out to BCA Munich’s office warming party on Thursday, December the 12th 2013, 7 pm in BCA Munich’s new office space located on Frauenstraße 18, Hinterhof 80469 in Munich.

What is the art swap game?  We will have pieces of original art. You will get a number when you show you have donated to the fundraiser at the following amounts:

  • Bronze  25-50 Euros
  • Silver  50-100 Euros
  • Gold  100 or more Euros.

and the original work of art categorised for that amount. Art swaps can then be made 😉  I will keep you posted with a list of some of the amazing Munich area artists who have generously donated. If you are a collector, this will be one event not to miss. 100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. Sushi and drinks will also be available during the event. Of course, we will also receive donations at the door. But to make money transfer to the org easier for us, we prefer that you make your donations digitally 😉 I look forward to welcoming you at BCA Munich’s opening. Sincerely, Hazel Ang


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