Whats cookin in the kitchen?

What am I going to have for dinner?


There are so many positive things going on for a lot of loved ones and the year has just started! There were also some issues we had to face before the new year…one of them was a water catastrophe in our kitchen 1 day before our flight back home for Christmas…It was still pitch black when DK woke me up while muttering there were strange noises coming from outside our bedroom door. He thought it was perhaps the noisy radiator. As I decided to ignore him and doze off again, I hear a “HOLY F_ _ _ !” over and over again. Now, you have to understand, one of the things I love about DK the most is his sense of calm, so the fact that he was panicking, made me jerk out of bed to stumble into the darkness and out into the hallway. Yes it was dark, because the lights wouldn’t switch on! All I could hear other than his cursing was niagara falls. He also could not find the flashlight, lucky for us, I had it hidden right close to our fuse box so I grabbed it flashed it into the kitchen and gasped…ever watch Amityville Horror when blood is pouring down the sides of the walls and from the ceiling? Well, luckily we had water and not blood. The source of the flood was coming from our neighbours directly upstairs from us and they were already gone for the holidays :/ But it all worked out, the firemen came and clamped the burst pipe in his dishwasher and left a note for his return. Anyway, that was in December and our kitchen is finally dry enough to be repainted this week. I was really starting to be one with the water stains that covered the walls


and its a little sad that they will be painted over on Wednesday…even more sad is the idea that we won’t be able to cook in our kitchen for the entire week or two…So tonight, I am going to be like the girl in the above painting in progress… I am almost done the underpainting and have started to add kisses of colour…i also worked on 3 other paintings but now I have to stop for the night, as the oil paints have given me a headache.

So much activity this year…it sometimes overwhelms me, and I find myself wanting to just close the shutters and lock the door, swallow the key and not leave my safe zone — but life is not about staying and playing safe is it? So I have decided to shake up fate and be the master of my destiny — or is it the other way around – shake up destiny be the master of my fate? Well you know what I mean 🙂


7 thoughts on “Whats cookin in the kitchen?

    1. :)hee hee “watermarked”! Thats a great idea Julie 🙂 I made tons of photos the day after there are some really really awesome formations too.

  1. Oh, the undertone of your lines make me imagine exciting actions, Hazel. Hope to meet you soon.

    1. Hi Rainer! HAHAHA! you can tell me all about that imagination of yours next time BCA Munich has an artist party in March. I will let you know when. But definitely have to get together soon– i heard you visited the office the other day –i went home early for lack of work >_<

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