i <3 Monday

While cleaning my palette this morning, I got to thinking – I really really used to hate mondays. First day of a 5 day excrutiatingly long work week. Last October I said enough is enough. I refuse to spend the rest of my life NOT putting more time into something I love just because I am too mentally exhausted from making a buck for someone else. So I asked to have mondays free and I got it. Of course, I was given a salary cut — but i don’t give a shit, the one day of freedom to do what I love the most per week is worth it! I am a lot less stressed, less irritable and happier when I arrive at the office on Tuesday. Eventually though, I will have to make the decision to leave completely and start my own thing. I come from a family of risk takers, savvy merchants and entreprenuers so its no wonder that a spark has eventually been thrown in my direction and a fire ignited. I’m ready to take my life into my own hands…I feel it with the very fibre of my being…I hear that voice at every turn “take the initiative now, or live a life of regret”.



16 thoughts on “i <3 Monday

    1. Thank you Scritch 🙂 It is pretty great if you can do it – it was hard to step away from the cash, but if I think of the long term potential then its not so painful 😉

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