WIP: painting no. 3, acrylic on wood panel, detail


Space & Why I Need it

This week’s IF prompt is “Space”…at first I had a desire to go a little more sci-fi…maybe send my fox girl, into a galaxy far far away. I may still do that. Let me tell you a little about myself. I love my space. I revel in my solitude and savour any second of absolute utter aloneness I am given. You know why? Because I can think better and I feel grounded. Of course many of you might not understand and may even think that this is mentally and physically unhealthy. Well, thats just…unfortunate. Being alone is the best opportunity for someone to be aquainted with their true self.

Its been a busy month since my last post and during that time I’ve been keeping myself happily occupied with some side projects, live sketch streams, and also stepping out of my cave on the rare occassion to meet up with friends whom I had not seen for a long time, as well as a much needed quality time with DK —who was starting not to recognise me even though we live together. Anyway, here is my fox girl sitting on her favourite spot, her special space. My fox girl who still lacks a name. I did this sketch a couple of weeks ago. I will be using it as a basis for a 30mm x 40mm painting on wood panel. I am busily preparing some pieces for an art fair in October and I hope everything turns out well. Wish me luck.

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This was a very victorious weekend indeed! Moof dropped by on Saturday and worked away in her sketchbook which she will be presenting her mom. I’m seriously jealous mama Moof –you are about to receive a real gem of a piece! While Moof worked away on her sketch, I was screaming “innerlich” and working on my submission for this year’s Sketchbook Project tour. Well its 23:43 Sunday the 29th of January and I can now announce after 12 hours of trying to keep myself together, the actual drawing and cover is FINISHED! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present…Treehouse:

Medium: ink, acrylic, and coloured pencils. Now that I am finished, I have to admit that I really do not want to send it off to Art House Co-op 😉 I’m quite attached to it. But alas, it will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon where it will join tens of thousands of other wonderful sketchbooks in its new home.

On the news front, I have a couple of exciting projects coming up. One is the limited edition sketchbook for Art House Co-op, the other is a collaboration with one of my all time favourite rock bands for their upcoming new album…I just have to say yes or no which I haven’t done yet but will so this week! I will tell you all that I am just F!”§(/$n bouncing off the walls with excitement at this opportunity! For those of you who know me privately you know that I do not have the personality required to be a groupie, but after I was asked very nicely if I would be interested,  I sure as heck felt like I could easily become a groupie! LOL! Alright children, be good and dont forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day, Paintblotch has to get some sleep and start the work week all over again! Sweet dreams…

Pressure pushing down on me

My last few weeks has been pretty crazy, a major curveball was thrown at me. Reminding me that our time here in this world is extremely limited and that loved ones will not always be around –no matter how much you want them to be. A lot of the times, its not what one wants that counts, but what is right and what is wrong. Thats ok, life is all about learning through both adversity and fortune right? Anyway to add to the unrest over at paintblotch & co’s domicile, I received a reminder in the mail about Art-house coop’s 2012 Sketchbook Project –the books have to be postmarked in 8 days people! (post-edit: 4 days) So if you haven’t finished, get it together…if you haven’t started, my my you do love stress don’t you? Anyway, because of the challenges I had to face last week, I had to put my entry on the backburner. Last night was the first chance I got to continue working on it. This weekend unless you are part of my immediate family or my mandarin teacher, I will not be answering the phone. This dragon year, one of my goals is to produce a volume of work I can be proud of and include in my portfolio, spend more time with DK and other family members and try to remain cool and level headed (probably my biggest challenge as I tend to have a fiery temperament). Anyway, here is a preview for you my dear blog followers, I hope you like what you see so far 🙂


Grounded or Origins

…Grounded at the foot of old man Esposito’s olive tree, was a little reed basket. The crying was coming from there!  When she came closer to the bundle, Mercy couldn’t believe her eyes—a baby, sweet as Mrs. Wu’s red bean cake, tucked-in under layers of plush pink blankets, crying her little lungs out! The foxes seemed to watch over her…

This is where it all begins for my fox maiden. This is how she was found. It was the first clue to her story. I’m still trying to put the pieces together. I spent the whole day inking the panels to my submission to the Sketchbook Project. As I am writing this blog, its drying. In about an hour, I will apply a layer clear gesso so that the paper will be stable enough for when I apply colour to it. I plan to use acrylic paint and may touch up here and there with coloured pencils. Lets hope I dont muck it up! Anyway, here is a quick look at at the inked stage:

Treehouse Update

May I present the base pencil drawing for my submissiont to the Art-House Coop’s Sketchbook Project 2012. Tomorrow I will be inking in sepia coloured ink. When the drawing is dry, I will apply a layer of matte medium and then bring it to life with colour. I had some issues with the binding, which I hope to solve. Oh! I almost forgot to add, you may recognise the little tree-spirits (jap. Kodoma), they were seen in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke; I love them so much, and the tree really should have kodomas to protect it so…thank you Mr. Miyazaki—I love you and your world!🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little slide-show preview.

Also on the news front: I finally became a member at Filu. Although I am a full-time vector illustrator helping industrial design companies communicate their products, now that I have joined Filu, I really feel like an official illustrator…silly right? The great thing about Filu is that it is an archive of illustrators working in Germany which is presented at major book fairs in Europe such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Bologna Book Fair. I still have to prepare my portfolio for presentation which will then be shipped out to Filu this week. Most of the illustration I will be including in that presentation will be aimed at publishers of children/youth books and Stationary/Papeterie companies. A lot of work is ahead of me this week and it will be stressful, but its a good kind of stress…stress that makes me feel good. 2012 is going to be a fulfilling year—I feel it in my bones 🙂 I’ll most likely be posting that portfolio here. Until then, have a great rest-of-weekend blog guests!

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highlight: Treehouse

For this week’s illustration friday theme, I want to highlight my current project which is a sketchbook entry for arthouse coop’s Sketchbook Project. My chosen theme is treehouse. My fox maiden will be the featured centrefold…Its her treehouse actually some of her roommates are also featured.

All participants in the Sketchbook project receive a small sketchbook measuring 5.25″ W x 7.25″ H, with 32 pages of 70 lb stock paper. After I was through taking the covers and pages apart, it is now 5.25″ W x 7.25″ H, of 110 lb cardstock of 12 japanese fold-out panels ready for me to create foxy’s treehouse and share it with the world. My sketchbook along with 28,839 participants will be exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Canada as well as London and Melbourne. I just realised my deadline for submission is January 31st –AAK! So, this means I have to strap on the boot straps tighter and start motoring! My gameplan, when the under drawing is complete, is to render it with a combination of acrylic paints and coloured pencils. Wish me luck! I need it!  Here is more info on the project and why YOU should participate.

IF post: Hibernate

Here is a sketch I lovingly sketched for this week’s prompt, hibernate. Its my fox maiden. She doesn’t really have a name yet. But I did discover that she has a good friend, a little black bear whom she watches over during his wintersleep.