Its so swell…

…that I finished this little painting…well almost, it still needs a coat of varnish. Its my fox maiden. First some details:

When the scholar sees her, his heart swells to a size of an autumn gourd. How can he survive his condition? Will he be able to receive her mercy and kindness? Or is he fated like all the others before him, to peril and unavoidable death? Observe how lovingly she looks at the little chick…affection or hunger? I have been having an affair with foxxy since the Stroke festival, watching film versions of the legend of the fox maiden —korean, chinese and japanese versions. Her story is known throughout Asia —with variations between the different cultures. I also discovered the work of a fellow chinese-canadian, Larrisa LaiWhen Fox is a Thousand. Though I’m still reading this book, I have to say that so far it is a really wonderful read! Her language, her method of story telling has me savouring the places and situations I am transported to in every chapter. I can recommend this book without hesitation. Anyway, the fox maiden is here to stay. She seems to have wormed her way into my heart.

Please contact me if interested in purchasing this painting. Medium: Oil on Woodboard Dimension: 50 mm x 28 mm, 3 mm thick.